Takin’ what they’re givin’…

Like most of you I have a day job that pays the bills, so lately writing and drawing has been done mainly on the weekends.  Good news, though, is that I’ve managed weekly updates to my latest Spine-Tingler “Domataphobia” and “Saucy Scribbles” collection!

I’ll add those here as they wrap-up, but in the meantime definitely hit my Facebook pages for the books for updates on my work and other fun stuff.  For example, did you know the new Darth Vader comic book from Marvel just introduced an “evil” C3PO and R2D2? Oh, it’s true!  Also, I have been thinking about picking-up Bloodborne for PS4, but the Souls’ games (while I’ve enjoyed them) have always handed me my @$$, so not sure I’m ready to be smacked around by the undead for fun again quite yet.

– Nate

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