A shiver runs through it

After writing two nonfiction books I wanted to try something new and decided to test the waters of short-story fiction.  With a very supportive following on Facebook I wanted to treat (hopefully!) folks to a series of original stories.  The idea was simple – a new short story each week, 1,000 words or less, with a horror focus.  Just like that, the “Spooky Spine-Tingler” was born!

These were fun little things for me to write as it turned out.  With a weekly self-imposed deadline I had to come up with a whole story structure quick, iron-out the details, and ensure they were different enough week-to-week to stand out on their own within the larger collection.  Inspiration came from favorite old films, personal nightmares, stories from friends, and actual cases.  The resulting tales run the gamut from deceptively spooky old lady apparitions, to forgotten houses, and all the way to creepy entities of different shapes and sizes.

I enjoyed the process and positive feedback so much that I have continued dabbling in short fiction with new “Spine-Tinglers”.  The latest are less overtly-ghostly in nature, although I really enjoy playing with reader’s perception of events and characters.  I personally enjoy stories that leave a bit to the imagination, and those that are open to interpretation as to what “actually” happened when all is said and done.  Head on over to the “Spine-Tinglers” page for the full set, and enjoy!

But enough talk, have at you!” – Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

– Nate

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