Way out there

I’ve been kicking around some ideas for a new fiction short story recently.  I always try to inject each fiction story with real phenomena, familiar spooky scenarios, or aspects of folklore that help them ring true in some way for readers.  In my short story Nick’s Tape, for example, several elements came together (ex: EVPs, haunted objects, etc.) to drive the story in what is hopefully an entertaining way.

I have yet to write a story concerning the UFO phenomena, and it was an area that started to gain some traction for me personally.  In my book Lone Star Saucers: Searching for UFOs in Texas I focused primarily on UFO sightings versus delving too far into alien or extraterrestrial phenomena.  The rationale was that the book was focused on the sightings of these strange craft rather than on the potential occupants or what the intentions of these things are.  Close encounter reports have many similarities, but as many if not more unique little details that are quite different case-by-case when you read the literature.  From Mothman-related shenanigans to Men In Black visitations some tales are truly terrifying, but many more are just plain weird.

Jacques Vallee, Budd Hopkins and John Keel have detailed many of these reported encounters at length over many decades; and after recently revisiting some of their works I felt it might be fun to write a short story that highlights some of the really strange aspects that have been reported in famous cases to underscore for readers that in the case of close encounters the reality of events is indeed at times much stranger than fiction.

More to come, so keep watching this space!

– Nate

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