No one gets in to see the wizard

While we’re all familiar with the grand appearance of The Wizard of Oz, with his giant green head, flames and fury; we’re also always mindful that behind the curtain is a man toiling-away to create the illusion. As with writing of any kind, authors typically spend a lot of time with their core ideas and tweak countless aspects of their work to get the payoff for readers just right.

I’ve seen the topic come up numerous times about when writers feel they’re at a point that they feel they can share their creations with others. Like George McFly, there’s usually that nagging sensation in the back of an author’s mind that fears readers won’t like any of what they’ve poured their heart and effort into. The reason? Writing can be a very personal process no matter what it is you’re working on. Nonfiction or fiction, full book or short story – each are their own animal to tame and require that you approach them in different ways. What remains the same is the love, creativity and care writers infuse in their work.

If you’ve written anything – be it a novel, an important email, a love letter, or term paper – when the work matters to you it will always be a labor that you invest yourself in. That means you think about it even when you’re not actively writing. It means you research at length. It means you revise key wording over and over again. It means you step back and during editing decide to completely start over from time to time. It means all of those things and more; so when you finally do present your new, shiny word-baby to the world you want nothing but the best for it.

The process takes time, but for people who genuinely enjoy writing to inform, entertain or provoke thought in readers it’s always worth it when you connect with someone else. When that effort makes someone’s day, or becomes one of their favorite reads. That’s what a lot of writers aim for. Any feedback, and especially positive feedback or reviews, is one of the only ways an author is truly compensated.

It’s been a little quiet on this blog in recent weeks, but that’s because I’m behind the proverbial curtain pressing buttons, adjusting things here and there, and working on my next new story. It’s fun, it’s personal, and I hope it connects with readers when I’m ready to send it out into the world. I enjoy this probably most of all when working on something. Each thing I do is a little surprise I get to tinker with, and keeping it under wraps until I think it’s ready to surprise, scare, and provoke thought in others is part of the fun!

“The great and powerful Oz has spoken!”

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