My Top 10 animated music videos

Remember when music videos were actually a “thing” on MTV and VH1? Videos helped sell major movies with soundtrack tie-ins (Hello, Batman Forever and Godzilla ’98), highlighted celebrity cameos (I’m looking at you, Chevy Chase and Kim Basinger), or morally outraged us (Thanks, The Prodigy and NIN!)

That said, some were definitely more artistic than others. In fact, many featured animation to accompany the music to varying success.  Cartoons, stop-motion and CGI were all used to complement songs with striking visuals that resonated as much if not more than the tracks themselves.

I was reminiscing recently about my favorite music videos that featured animation and below are my Top 10 favorites, in no particular order. The criteria was that all of these videos were designed specifically to pair with the music associated with them; so while not all may have dropped as original, mainstream music videos they were created specifically to be viewed with the tracks you hear.

Let’s hit it!


“The Touch” – Stan Bush | Transformers: The Movie

“Crash” – Mephisto Odyssey feat. Static-X | Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

“Out Of The Black” – Royal Blood

“Sledgehammer” – Peter Gabriel

“Young Men Dead” – The Black Angels | Zune: The Masks

“Take On Me” – a-ha

Untitled – Christopher Lee Donovan | Tony vs. Paul

“Opposites Attract” – Paula Abdul

“Paranoid Android” – Radiohead

“Ghost” – Mystery Skulls

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