Time for a recharge

We all need to recharge the ol’ creative juices from time to time. While I wish I always had the drive to write or draw, the fact is that sometimes the wind isn’t lifting the sails quite enough. For example, I have a new short story I’ve been working on here and there for the past couple of months, but I’ve hit a bit of a wall with it trying to decide how I’d like to best wrap that one up. There’s also a little series of short stories I’d like to package together in a little edition that is never too far from my mental list of things to do.

Sure, I could draw instead and flex those artistic muscles a bit. Or, I could watch Big Trouble in Little China on Netflix for the 100th time and go to sleep instead. Likewise, that growing stack of books on my nightstand just aren’t going to read themselves anytime soon. Let’s be real. Sometimes I really am able to better unwind after a long day at work by slaughtering unspeakable horrors in Bloodborne rather than wringing my hands about when I’m going to finish that short story.

My point is, it’s good to check out for a while; or at least for me it seems to be a good thing. It’s sort of like exercising regularly – you can run every evening for weeks trying to stay active and healthy, but when you finally do take a break something in your brain tells you it’s time to splurge and eat that mouth-watering cheeseburger, shake and onion rings extra value meal.


I find that I need to get away from writing and drawing here and there to focus on finding things that inspire me again. That can be a new movie, an album or (frankly) just opting to be lazy for a while until I get bored of that and feel an urge to get back into the swing of things again. Sometimes ideas don’t come easily, and when I let go and step back for a bit the direction I should take usually reveals itself.

To borrow a phrase from Donna and Tom on Parks and Recreation: “Treat yo’self!” Stick your head in that book. Get lost in that amazingly-rendered video game world. Eat that Donut Stik. When the time comes you’ll be reminded of why you have a need to create something and a renewed energy and appreciation for how those outlets are a positive thing in your life.

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