Whistle while you work

When kicking around ideas for new stories music really helps get my creative juices flowing. I like instrumental and songs, as each can evoke tones and imagery that feel immediate. Ideas are sometimes very much in the early stages with only scribbled notes jotted-down hastily on whatever paper is nearby, and listening to something (especially while driving for some reason) helps my mind wander around the edges of those ideas. I’m able to refine scenarios in my head and explore really random things. While they may not ultimately make the page, it helps me with story beats and characterizations.


For my upcoming short, the next in a continuing series following Sky Horns Growling and We Are Alive Tonight, the basic structure is there but the tone and direction will go into even more unusual, darker places than before. That said, I think it will turn out to be one of the most fun and twisting, turning, genre-blending stories I’ve dreamed-up yet. It’s hard to explain a creative process that feels so intangible at times, but I tend to “see” these stories as larger brush strokes of vivid colors. The image starts out a bit hazy at first, but over time and with subsequent research and revision the picture gets clearer. Each story runs to a unique beat, and I find that after a while it feels more like I’m describing real events happening somewhere rather than making things up as I go. Especially with this series, every paragraph is about world-building. It moves at a fast clip, and each revelation should have serious implications for both the readers and the characters.


Here are a few songs haunting my playlist recently that give a sense for the flavor of things to come.  Enjoy!

Now, back to that old drawing board…

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