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clerksIt’s been a good long while since I provided an update on the things I’m kicking around, and I can assure you I’ve been staying busy! I’m a little less than halfway through my latest short story; the follow-up to We Are Alive Tonight which is the sequel to Sky Horns Growling. I’ve honestly had most of the idea for this next installment in mind since late last year, and the first chapter is truly epic in scale. That was the hard part about this latest story, the daunting first chapter. I knew I would be trying to craft a new setting that would completely divert from where we left off while setting-up the promise of the rules for what this weird world is capable of and ultimately where it may be going. The scope, tone, and setting is unlike anything I’ve ever attempted. As a result, the amount of revisions and editing to get things where I wanted has been a real labor of love.


Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the events of SHG and WAAT were carefully laid out. The big reveal is set to drop in this latest arc and it will turn what readers think is happening completely upside down. There are scenes and characters I’ve been refining over months, years even, that could very well garner their own standalone tales. When writing these new characters and places into a short story with limited space it has been even more important to me to ensure they are each given a proper bow to elevate the stakes and hopefully set them up to flourish again down the line.

The title, first two chapters, full outline for the remaining chapters, and cover art design are ready and waiting to be wrapped-up and polished for your reading enjoyment. One spoiler alert – if you read my other short stories in order there is a bit of a treat in that certain characters and events there make significant comebacks in the Sky Horns Growling series, so be sure to catch up on those first and get a taste for even bigger, bolder, and more enjoyable stories to come! Here’s the recommended reading order:

  1. I Do Believe In Spooks
  2. Fog. Fire. Whisky. Ghost. Gun.
  3. Domataphobia
  4. Sky Horns Growling
  5. We Are Alive Tonight

That’ll do!

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