Nate Riddle

Nate Riddle is a native Texan fascinated with ghosts, haunted houses, UFOs, aliens and other paranormal subjects. Among his heroes are Batman, Han Solo, Phil Hartman, and his grandparents. He lives in North Texas and is an avid comic book collector and video game enthusiast. Nate studied anthropology and psychology while attending the University of North Texas where he had a focused interest on cultural studies, field methods, and folklore.

His love of the unknown inspired him to share that passion and search for answers with readers. Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, his hope is to entertain while also spurring thought and conversation about these enduring mysteries.

Nate is the published author of two nonfiction books – Lone Star Spooks: Searching for Ghosts in Texas and Lone Star Saucers: Searching for UFOs in Texas, and several self-published short fiction stories available for Amazon Kindle. Nate also dabbles artistically via a series of “scribbles” and original cover art for his short fiction. He continues to share his love for ghosts and flying saucers via Facebook, where he shares paranormal news and links to fun stuff with friends.

You can find all of his stuff on Amazon

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