• “The tension slowly builds to a nail-biting crescendo in this action thriller. I can’t really give out any further details without spoiling it for other readers. Read it for yourself, and you can thank me later!”
  • “I’ve never read anything quite like this before. It kept me guessing right up to the perfect ending.”

Lone Star Saucers

  • Nick Redfern / Writer, Lecturer & author of Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History:
“Whether the subject-matter is UFOs, Bigfoot, lake-monsters, or something else definitively Fortean, there is one kind of book I like more than any other. It’s a book of the regional kind”“Perfect examples are Stan Gordon’s book, Silent Invasion (on a Bigfoot-UFO wave in Stan’s home-state of Pennsylvania, in 1973), John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies (which does an excellent job of chronicling the high-strangeness at Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s)”“And there’s another book to add to the list. It’s the newly-published title from Nate Riddle: Lone Star Saucers: Searching for UFOs in Texas. Published by Schiffer Books, this is an excellent study of UFOs in Texas, one that should be read by anyone with an interest in significant UFO incidents, both modern and old.”

Read Nick’s full review @ and learn more about his work @ Amazon

  • Robert Powell / MUFON Director of Research:

“If you want to dip your feet into the topic of UFOs, this book is a very refreshing way to do so. I found it a very enjoyable read and finished the book in about two hours. Don’t let the title fool you. Although the author works his magic in the state of Texas, he could have done it anywhere. He weaves a story of how ordinary people have dealt with the phenomenon and sprinkles in a little of the history of UFOs as well. The author does this by providing a little history on the subject (including newspaper clips from the 1890s) and by interviewing other people in a very casual style that brings out people’s true thoughts on the subject. Among those interviewed are former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and other individuals who have spent many years studying the subject. The author doesn’t try and push any agenda on the reader. He asks questions and gently pries out the thoughts and feelings of those he has interviewed.

This book is for both the newbie with an interest in the subject as well as for those who have studied the phenomenon in earnest. When you’ve finished reading this book, you will have a basic insight into the UFO phenomenon as well as an insight into how the phenomenon has affected the people who have come into contact with it.”

Learn more about Robert and The Mutual UFO Network @

Lone Star Spooks

  • Ben Radford / Deputy Editor of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine & author of Scientific Paranormal Investigation:
“Writer Nate Riddle’s new book, Lone Star Spooks: Searching for Ghosts in Texas, has a significant chapter on skepticism in ghost investigations, and he quotes an interview I did with him at length. I can’t vouch for the skeptical content of the rest of the book, but overall it looks pretty good. Riddle deserves a lot of credit for getting a skeptical point of view in the book; 99% of authors of ghost books completely ignore the skeptics’ information and arguments.”

Learn more about Ben’s work by visiting

Fog. Fire. Whisky. Ghost. Gun.

  • “Nice take on a haunted house tale. I thought it had a very timeless feeling. The author was able to build a lot of atmosphere and mood, even in a short story. The house was the most compelling character in the story to me, and I’d read more stories in this setting.”

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